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Order products in the United States and enjoy the convenience of having them delivered directly to your door.

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What is the P.O. Box service?

Envia.com's P.O. Box service offers you a private address to receive your mail and packages safely and securely in the United States.

Sample table of P.O box shipments made on Envia.com

Envia P.O. Box: your address in the USA to receive your packages.


Shop at any store and ship your products to our warehouses in Laredo, Texas.

Import your products

We receive your packages in our warehouse, notify you by mail and process them.

Receive in your country

Receive your products at the address of your choice.

Get the best price

We offer the most competitive costs, where you only pay for the import service without membership.

Example of import quotation made on Envia.com

Manage from a single place

From Envia.com you will be able to see the detail, declare your products, upload your invoice and create the national waybill.

Example of what the P.O.box order detail looks like on the Envia.com platform.

Receive your package at your front door.

Create the domestic shipment of your package with the carrier of your choice, receive it at your home address from Laredo.

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