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Improve your business with our specialized line of credit and use it in the various lines of business offered by

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How to apply for a credit line?

To start your credit application, go to the ticket section in our help center, choose "apply for a credit line" and fill in the required fields so that we can contact you.

Requirements to apply for a credit

Fill out your application

Once you have applied for credit, you will need to fill out a digital application.

Send your documentation

Attach the necessary documents to complete your credit application.

Sign the documents

Sign the corresponding documents and send them to us to analyze your credit.

Who can apply for credit?

The credit is available for individuals with business activity and for corporations that wish to use the funds for Envia's different lines of business.

Illustration of financing for shipments

How can I use the credit?

We will notify you on the platform once the credit is approved, the money will be deposited in your Envia account, and it will be ready to be used in any of the services offered by our platform.

Illustration of financing for shipments

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