Real-time shipping rates from your Ecommerce

Choose your favorite packages and show them to your customers in your ecommerce, they choose the best option.

Illustration of a checkout in an online store where you can choose between three shipping options.
Shopping cart icon

Easy configuration

Choose the 3 carriers to show and we will take care of the rest.

stacked pack icon

More than 100 carriers

Integrated, ready to be used in the checkout of your online store.

price icon

Price customization

Define the prices displayed for each order.

Ecommerce with checkout now available

Set up your checkout

Control the packages and prices shown in the checkout of your ecommerce depending upon the characteristics of your order. platform screen where you can activate the checkout for your online store.

Decide what prices to show

Assign a discount or rate increase to the carriers you selected, depending on the product, weight or price of your users' purchase. screen where rules are configured to display certain carriers in the checkout of your online store.

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